Blog Post 4 – Inquiry project reflection

Well the presentation has come and gone and I have to say, while it seemed like it was a long time preparing, it happened so fast it feels like a it was a breeze.

Something I always find fascinating about learning – we struggle through it, wrestle with concepts and debate with rubrics throughout, and in the end, when all is said and done, it seems almost as if it were easy. Something I really took from my CAE experience, as this is my last course, is that learning truly is all about the cliche. It’s about the journey! The knowledge isn’t really the goal or achievement even, it’s how we arrived at it that matters.

Deep philosophical musings aside, there were some aspects to my project that I will concentrate on improving. As we have learned, reflection is important in education, but I allowed myself perhaps too much reflection time on this project, and not enough research and execution time. I hadn’t nailed down a topic for the assignment until a few days before the presentation! Of course, the presentation is about the learning journey we took, but it would have been nice to make that journey a little more complete and a little less rushed.

As for presentation skills, I still have to work on my disfluencies (great word!) in formal settings. In order to focus on eliminating the mums, ahhs and so…’s, I need to be intimately familiar with my material to take some focus from what i’m saying in order to think about how i’m saying it.

The IGNITE format, while incredibly stressful at first, is a fantastic concept. It really helped me eliminate rambling and get right down to the point. It seems like more work to make a short presentation than a long one!

Finally – the audience. It has truly been a privilege to be in a class so full of passion and intelligence. I have rarely been in such an fantastic learning environment, truly talented people from such diverse backgrounds. This is what I will miss most about CAE.


2 thoughts on “Blog Post 4 – Inquiry project reflection

  1. I completely agree about this group of people–what a supportive and great group of classmates! This group has made me wish we went through CAE as a cohort, so we could have been together the whole way.


  2. To paraphrase Ed” I’ll miss you Jordon!!!” Get that deck stained and I’ll pick up that guitar. Great post I’m pretty much going to write the same thing. Such a great group of people and I am so grateful to be exposed to that much experience and knowledge mind blowing!!!! Its been a privilege!


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