Flipped Learning in MY classroom

For more information on flipping the classroom, and to try to ascertain how I could use such a concept in mine, I chose the following two articlesI chose them for the simple reason that the first addressed reactions from a professor and his students exploring the flipped classroom concept for the first time, and the second spoke to how to deal with those students who refuse to ‘buy in’ to the flipped classroom. In order to determine if I could use the flipped classroom in my earning environment, I felt I needed to learn about how others are using it in theirs. Specifically, I wanted to read examples in the field of adult education, since most information seems to be aimed at grade schools. 

Based on Professor LaRocco’s experiences in the first article, I do feel as though the flipped classroom is something I can quite effectively incorporate into my course. Of course, just because I feel it something I can use, doesn’t mean it will be easy to generate student interest (buy-in)! Therein lies the challenge in design and implementation of a flipped learning environment!

Professor LaRocco uses a resource called Socrative, a really cool live evaluation and polling tool to flip his classroom. Students already come to class with more connectivity than ever before. Smartphones, laptops, tablets are commonplace in classrooms already. Socrative allows the instructor to bring all students together and answer live inquiries during class, with instant feedback projected immediately. Do you think the flipped classroom will be effective within our learning environment? Is an example of an inquiry that could be posted for the students to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, with a live graph displaying the consensus within the class while maintaining anonymity. This allows immediate feedback to test concepts and understanding, which might indicate a need for a quick tutorial on certain concepts. What a fantastic way to track student learning!


2 thoughts on “Flipped Learning in MY classroom

  1. Interesting read, I couldn’t help myself to look up the Socrative resource as soon as I read your blog. Looks like a useful resource, I think I may test it out. I’ve used SurveyMonkey which is handy too. In any case I can say flipping the class has worked for me in specific settings, but when dealing with adult learners I’ve found a brief explanation about why your using that method is necessary.


    1. I agree about justification. Adult learners are typically very goal oriented. They see the end result and don’t necessarily like ‘hurdles’ that they think might just slow them down in their journey to the ultimate goal. They sometimes fail to realize that those hurdles are what gets them to the goal!


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