QR Codes & Student Centred Learning

This blog article about the utilization of QR codes in the classroom caught my attention as something I would love to learn more about. While the article does deal with some other methods for ‘flipping the classroom’, the portion I wish to focus on is the use of QR codes in the classroom. QR codes are like special images that students can scan with any smart device (cellphone, iPad, or tablet) that will automatically send them to a link of the creator’s choice.

Here is an example of a QR Code

An example of how I could use these in the X-Ray labs – For our lab orientation at the beginning of the year, we have students do a tour of the labs, and use the knowledge they’ve gained in the first classes to identify the various parts of an X-Ray suite. Using QR codes, I could create small wikispaces containing the answer to certain self test questions. For example, we could have QR codes on certain apparatus within the lab, and ask the students to identify what they think is, for example, the X-Ray tube. When they identify what they think is the tube, they scan the applicable QR code with their device, and it takes them to a web page which contains info on A. What the part actually is (tube, bucky tray, image receptor, etc) B. Some information about the part that they have scanned (Positive and Negative charge, anode/cathode, parts of the tube itself). The benefits, of course, are that the students are testing their own knowledge, getting immediate feedback, and expanding on the knowledge they already have as well.

The codes could further be integrated into lab procedures as well, perhaps the students create a hypothesis on the results of the lab, go through the lab procedure to try to replicate the hypothesized results, and finally scan the QR code to reveal what the results should be.

Can you think of ways that the use of QR codes could help you in your classroom setting? Would this resource be helpful to students?

2 thoughts on “QR Codes & Student Centred Learning

  1. i think this technology in the classroom would be great to use and has given me an idea about my own classroom.The use of high tech stuff in the classroom sounds like a great way to engage the students as well. Great thinking out side the box on this blog


  2. I think that rather than fight with students for their attention (IE cellphones, laptops, iPads), why not embrace it and engage them through those devices. They’re not going away any time soon, and we are soon to be dealing with (if not already) students who have never known education without this technology.


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